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Joel Mesecke

M-Elec Electrical

"My lifestyle has been the biggest change I can spend time outside of work enjoying myself now and having weekends back has been great. The most valuable things I've learnt from Paul have been how to manage employees, implementing processes, back costing jobs, pricing jobs for profit. I have more employees now which Paul helped push to get me there."


Ben Klein

Klein Plumbing and Gas

"Before coaching I was super busy, had poor time management, no invoicing was getting done, cash flow was poor which obviously had a big affect on the business and family. Since working with Paul my time management has seen the biggest improvement. Now my cash flow is consistent as Idedicate a full day to getting the invoicing and quoting out."


James Turner

J Turner Constructions

"Before working with Paul I was working easily 40 hours or more on the tools and then completing all the invoicing out of hours. Since workingwith Paul I have an effective work life balance. I can spend more time with my family which for me was the most meaningful change.

Paul's mindset was very different to mine which taught me to stop limiting myself."


Dale Armstrong

Mane Service Group


Jonah Grindlay

G1 Construction


Matt Taylor

Taylormade Roofing


Jake Sparrow

Sparrow Electrical

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Taylor Mali, Author

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