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The need for help in Business

July 10, 20224 min read

Realising you have the need for help

Hi guys, I've been down at South Terrace this morning, that networking meeting down at Rydge's down there. On my drive down, took me about 45 minutes, I was thinking about the need for help in business.

I've had a couple of tradies reach out to me in the last week at pretty much at the end of, really not sure what to do next. They've tried lots of options that with them been working hard trying to make things work and things aren't working. They're struggling and I'm not sure what to do next.

Needing to ask for help

I just wanted to just talk very briefly about me needing to ask for help.

Tradies and I think men in general, we struggle to ask others for help. We try to battle on and we try and do it ourselves, to the point where we just don't know what to do next. Normally that's at the point where it's almost too late. It's dire straits and things need to happen drastically.

Try and open up and talk about your feelings

I just wanted to talk about, well, we know deep in ourselves whether we're going okay or not.

We try to hide it. If people ask us how things are going, the first answer is always, "Yeah, great, we're busy" etc. But under the surface, very rarely, that's not the case. And as men and as traders, we need to be able to open up more.

It's very rarely you see women and it's certainly, there's nothing about gender here, but women are a lot more open to talk about their feelings, men aren't.

It's a real flaw in all us men, so it's something that we need to work on and something that will have a bigger effect if we talk about our feelings, talk about how things are really going. When we do show that vulnerability, and I know guys we're really bad at showing vulnerability, it's actually a powerful thing.

Reach out and let's have a chat

So, I just wanted to talk about the fact that it's really important that if things aren't going as well as you'd like in your business, reach out and let's have a chat. I can't do anything if you leave it too long.

We tend to find that it takes 2 or 3 months to see any real change in businesses as we make adjustments and we assess what's going on. Please reach out for help in business if you need.

We guarantee our work

It costs you nothing to have that initial chat, and that strategy session with me so that we can really work out where things are at. I'll pay for the coffee, it's just your time. 45 minutes, an hour at the most, we can soon find out where things are out and what's going on, and whether I can give you help in business or not.

And as with all our services. We guarantee our work if you don't get the results you don't pay, so it's a no lose situation. I even brought the coffee, you get a free coffee if nothing else.

I can help you get results in your business

So I really encourage you, if deep down you know things aren't as good as they should be. If you're not making from a trade business $50k to $100k in profit well on your wage, talk to me. Because I can get that for you, I can get those results for you.

Typically, trades are not short of work, that's not the problem.

  • It's making sure that we're making money on the jobs we're doing

  • Making sure we've got the team that are doing the work as you want them to do,

  • Freeing up your time so you can get more work, more profitable work, and to really grow your business.

It's not about growth for just growth's sake, it's about getting the right type of growth and having a scalable business that's working for you. You're not living to work and spend all your time working and not enjoying the benefits of being a business owner.

Reach out and let's have a coffee

So reach out if there's anything in your business that's not 100% as you want it.

If you're not making the profit, I talked about that, that you should be making. Let's have a coffee, let's have a chat and I can show you what business owners should be doing in trade businesses. And basically, if you haven't experienced this before then how would you know whether it should be different? I can tell you how it should be.

Alright guys, have a great Thursday. I look forward to talking to you. Reach out and let's have a coffee if things aren't exactly as you want them.

Reach out for a 15 minute chat with us today here or take advantage of our book offer where you can get a copy of our book for free Get Off The Tools!! The Tradie’s Guide to More Profit More Time and Less Stress™ here

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Paul Rogers, Tradie Coach

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